Shipping Container Project

Can you help us to fill this shipping container?

We are praying for and appealing to anyone who may be able to help us gather as much and as many of the items listed below to ensure this container is brimming with urgently needed items to assist the work of Rapha Medica Outreach.  Our intention is to send  the container via sea freight during June this year.

The list below is not exhaustive so please contact us if you feel you have something which may be useful.

We appreciate what we are asking for is not generally just knocking about or sitting idly on the drive however, top of the wish list is a four wheel drive vehicle (ideally left hand drive), followed closely by one or more motorcycles.

In addition we would like:

Medical Equipment

Suction machine

Hospital beds

Theatre Beds / Trolleys

Delivery Beds (Maternity)

Wheel chairs


Analyser for blood assays (hormones)

Side lab bilirubin machine

CD4 Estimation machine

Automated defibrillator

Intensive care beds

ECG Machine

Oxygen saturation machine

Portable (mobile) x-ray machine

Blood chemistry analyser

Cytoscope with accessories (including a cyrethromtome)

A gastroscope/colonoscopy with accessories

Diathermy/Cauthery machine

Hospital Consumables

Cannulas of all sizes

Surgical sutures mainly Vicryl, catgut, Nylon sizes 3-2, 2-0,0, 1, 2


Needles of all sizes

Spinal Needles (22g,23g,24g, 25g)

Artery Forceps (small and medium)

Surgical gloves (size 7.5 and 8)

Examination gloves


Gauze rolls


Sundry Items

Adult and child clothing


Kitchen utensils

PA Sound System