Urgent Vehicle Appeal

In recent times follow up after outreach has become increasingly difficult due to the hostile Islamic environment, our pastoral teams regularly experience dangerous encounters.

Travel to the city is necessary to purchase food, drugs and other essentials. Roads are generally of poor condition, with long stretches unmade therefore a sturdy vehicle built for these conditions. Once an 18 hour drive on already treacherous roads, this journey now takes 6 hours longer to avoid particular areas where there is heightend insecurity and high risk of kidnap. A total of 22 hours and 2 days to drive.

The recent political change in president has so far made no difference to the hazardous driving conditions, where bandits and kidnappers prey on the ill prepared and vulnerable. It is therefore crucial the vehicle used for these journeys is reliable.

Due to import duty all cars are very expensive in Nigeria, some brands like Toyota are better supported with parts more readily available. As with all our expenditure we need to ensure our resources used in this venture are well spent.

The current Land Cruiser is very old, in need of a total overhaul or complete replacement.  The estimated cost for the

overhall is £4,700, a newer reliable replacement vehicle will cost in the region of £12,000 to £15,000.

While we would be thrilled to be in the position to purchase a replacement, we have to be realistic. Due to limited funds, our ambition is to complete an overahaul which should give the current car another 5 years of useful service and given the urgency of need we are making special appeal for funds.

Please consider what you may be able to contribute to this most essential and integral need, thank you.

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